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Mission 7 Reports: The Tea Party Four Freedoms

Submitted by Bengar:

“Norman Rockwell is known for a series of paintings called The Four Freedoms. Few know that he has also recently been aiding The Tea Party with a new campaign expressing a new four freedoms:”


Mission 7: Political Arts

I’m sure most of you know that in America an election just happened. An election where a lot of kinda crazy people ran and a lot of those crazy people were elected. Of course, crazy people being elected has a long and proud tradition, not only here, but in England (as Monty Python reminds us).

So, your assignment this week is to respond to the recent election or a candidate in a work of physical artwork. Post your physical artwork somewhere you think it might get some interesting responses.

If you’re outside the US and don’t get US politics, give us a perspective of how our politics appear to those living overseas through a work of art.

This mission is due in two weeks, on 11/18.