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Mission 5 Report: Kosta the Great

I’ve been sitting on this one a while, trying to figure out how to screen cap it well, but here it is, a detailed biography of a very obscure but regionally significant poet:

A Wikipedia article about Kosta Khetagurov

Again, these are all well researched facts about the greatest poet Ossetia has ever known. Where is Ossetia you ask? It is a small area on the Russian-Georgian border. The biographer is in this case also clearly recently of that region, with a fine grasp of the English Language. The article is also longer than the article about Upton Sinclair. What does that say about Wikipedia? I don’t know…




Find a person who considers himself a public figure but isn’t actually very well known and doesn’t already have a Wikipedia article. A stub is fine too and might be easier to work with. For instance, you might choose an obscure rock musician or a minor candidate for office. However, you must be able to dig up enough information about this person to write a biography of reasonable length.

Research the person, find at least two reputable sources, and then create or expand considerably an article about him on Wikipedia, following these guidelines.

Be honest and unbiased in your portrayal of the person, but go extensively into detail where possible. See how long an article you can write about the minor personage. Can you get your article longer than the one about Dickens’ Great Expectations? Use funny or florid prose–anything you find enjoyable.

A few questions to keep in mind as you’re completing the mission:

1) How is your choice of person interesting?
2) What does the writing of your article say about Wikipedia or the nature of celebrity in general?
3) Is this art?

DEADLINE: November 2nd