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Mission 4 Report: Chalk Quilting Squares

[Submitted by Parrotchute]


Mission 4 Report: A Step By Step Recipe

[Submitted by Ann, Somerville, MA]

It’s autumn in New England so I drew a pumpkin with my favorite pumpkin pie recipe. Happy eating!

Mission 4 Report: Chalk the Carillon

[Submitted by Bengar]

I live in Arlington, VA, about a 20 minute walk from Washington DC and a five minute walk from the “Netherlands Carillon”, a bell tower gifted to America by the Dutch. The tower is somewhat curious, in that it has Egyptian statues outside, with a view of the Washington Monument, an Egyptian Obelisk. I decided that the carillon needed somewhat Egyptian motifs on it.

After this, I decided it would be fun to draw with chalk on one of the statues itself:

There were a lot of people around during this mission, but none of them seemed to care too much about what I was drawing. A little girl asked to borrow some of my chalk, which I lent her. When I was just finishing up the statue, though, a woman stopped and sneered at me. “I think you will get in trouble doing that.”

I looked down at her (I was standing on a pedestal) and at first I thought she was a tourist, so I said. “No. I’m not worried about it.” She, however, would not be dissuaded. Giving me an angry look she said. “You will get in trouble for this.” I was confused, she started walking away, so I said, “It’s called chalk. It will wear off in the rain.” She said, “There is a law in DC about statues.” I was further confused. I said, “We aren’t in DC, this is Arlington. And…never mind…” I just let her walk off. I think if my actions displeased such a person, though, I must be doing something of what Art, Art Revolution intended.

Mission 4: Chalk it Up!


This week’s mission is a simple one and a fun one too. Draw something in chalk on a street near your home. Be sure to photograph your efforts and send us documentation. What did you draw and why? Hopefully a number of unsuspecting passerby will see it before the next rainfall. Good luck and good art!