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Mission 2 Report: A fun meal!

[Submitted by Parrotchute]


Mission 2 Report: Dine and Dash

“We [the Pacifist Bastards and Queen Amoa and Maciste] recently traveled from Boston to Providence to visit the sublime Guido’s restaurant. While there, we both decided to do a dine and dash, and here are the results:”

From The Pacifist Bastards:

A map of a fictional land

From Queen Amoa and Maciste:

Guido's, on Hope Street in Providence, is an awesome restaurant, whether you're there on your 5th date or your 500th one

Mission 2 Report: 1+1=3?

[Submitted by Radish, Providence, RI]

At The Duck & Bunny:

Cupcake: $2.75
Glass of wine: not $12.25
Total: $15.00
Tip: this note

Mission 2 Report: Be Quick, or They Will Spoil!

[Submitted by Superbetic (black pen) and G^2 (blue pen), location unknown]

Our waitress developed a running gag based on a grammatical (syntactical?) misadventure at the local farmer’s market. One carton truck boldly proclaimed it’s organization’s slogan, “Committed to [line break] harvesting fresh produce [line break] and people.” Whose thinking Soylent Green? THIS GUY! I don’t know where these non-profiteers schooled, but how would they expect anyone not to slather that tasty gerund all up and over that apparent compound noun situation?

Erica (our server– I hope that was her name; think so; 80%+), was only a degree shy of worked-up, because no other farmer’s market attendees would concede that the truck was even suggestive of darker interpretations.

Instead of allowing her to go mad thinking she was the only sane being we drew her a picture.

Also, brunch was delicious–try the salmon hash.

Front and back images are included. The back had more space but the front was more likely to be seen.

“The people are ripe for the harvest. Be quick, or they will spoil. Thank you!”

Mission Two: Dine and Dash Off!


Dash off a work of art, that is. Restaurant servers often have a
thankless, low paying job, and the same goes for the bus-people who clean your spot. This mission has you leave behind something nice, besides your tip. Go to a restaurant and make a drawing or write something while you eat your meal. Leave it behind for your server, but take a picture of it first and e-mail it to us.

Think about how what you’ve chosen to draw or write informs the fact that you’re leaving it in a restaurant for your server to find.