About Art, Art, Revolution

“The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it drop” – Che Guevara

“The world is your playground… Go” – Jon Nakatamo

Creativity is the essence of mankind.  Without the ability to think and create we’re nothing but robots, doomed to lead preprogrammed lives that we cannot control and whose purpose we cannot fully comprehend.  Nevertheless, all around us people put up barriers to creative expression, whether through regulation or accepted norm. Most art begins and ends in the artist’s studio.  Even art that’s deemed worthy of exhibition in a museum or gallery does not interact with anyone beyond those who choose to interact with it.  A caged bird, it’s stripped of it’s power to surprise and inspire.

We wish to question these precepts.  Firstly, we wish to encourage art that subverts the status quo by questioning conventional wisdom or otherwise flying in the face of authority.  Moreover, we aim to promote art that engages the world, through force if necessary.

Art, Art, Revolution isn’t just a blog.  It’s a movement.   Our art will not be confined to a gallery, it will take to the streets!  It will slap complete strangers on the face when they’re least expecting it!  It will tickle the world when it’s feeling blue and perplex the jaded and sophomoric, those who think they’ve got it all figured out.  Our art will not yield.  Our art will not be afraid. Our art will change the course of history!

Every week we will engage in a new artistic mission and we invite you to join us!  Mission briefings will be posted on Mondays and must be accomplished within 2 weeks unless otherwise noted. You may also subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to have mission briefings delivered directly to your inbox. To sign up, simply send us a message at artartrevolution@gmail.com with the subject heading SUBSCRIBE.

After you’ve completed a mission, email documentation of your efforts to artartrevolution@gmail.com. and we will post it.  Be sure to include the mission # in the subject heading, as well as your name and location. If you’re uncomfortable about using your real name, feel free to use a nom de plume (nom de pinceau?) instead.

Admittedly, we’ve got some lofty goals but don’t be intimidated. Above all, we’re looking to reflect, have a little fun, and create something that we can share with humanity.  Good luck, and good art!


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