Mission 11 Report: Supergroup

Submitted by Ghazi:

“I decided to draw my own picture, which would be a series of people I knew all performing in a “Supergroup.””

“Supergroups have had mixed reputations throughout the history of music, but no Supergroup had as turbulent a musical history as “Super X-2,” driven mainly by artistic differences, sometimes expressed as those between the drummer and the pianist about wheth…er or not video game music was as good as the works of Mozart , sometimes expressed by the bassist’s dissatisfaction at the level of audio feedback that the sound engineers tolerated, and sometimes expressed by the rhythm guitarist’s disagreement with himself the next day. Still, the band also generated a few rave hits, with Pitchfork media calling them, “The least pretentious supergroup since Emerson Lake and Palmer” and the band receiving accolades at the Los Angeles Music Awards as a “startlingly original group” although one of the judges railed against the band’s decisions to the revise and reuse of an old Atonal Melee song, which they now called “Assless Chaps.” Furthermore, the New York Times reviewed one of the band’s concerts, calling it “Ten times as good as The Bruce Band, with only one tenth the membership!” “


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