Mission 11 Report: The Singing Ministers

A followup from Bartholomew:

“After losing the Frohlich Mode-Wettbewerb, and carelessly allowing our wrath to overcome us later at the hotel, B and I decided to become ministers online through the Universal Life Church. We got together with the only two other people as white as us and recorded “Let Me Touch Him,” striving to get closer to Jesus. Although God Himself approved of our chef d’ouevre, critics unanimously panned the album, and our producer was arrested for singing the title track to the boys at Sunday school.”

We also have some feedback from the Facebook posting. One crass individual asked of the album title: “all right, if you had to… which one”?

To which one of the singing ministers replied: “By “if you had to…which one” I assume you mean “if you had to listen to just one of this band’s divine songs and no others which one would you listen to?” I can answer that question with some difficulty. The opening track, “Jesus in the Saddle” (a bit of a country-western riff) is hard to turn down at first, but after repeated listenings the rhythmic simplicity of the piece grows tiresome. The second track “Kneeling at the Alter” was a largely forgettable ballad. The third track, “Thy Rod and Thy Staff They Comfort Me” was very strong, and a bit long, filled with glorious anthems. The title track was amazing, and would be difficult to go without, but is hard to forget the inglorious incident of the arrest associated with that song. The last reflective song, though, “Scents of Loaves and Fishes” was a meditation on common rituals and deep issues associated and would be impossible for me to forsake experiencing repeatedly.


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