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Mission 11: Gather Your Friends

Welcome back, Art Revolutionaries. We had a successful first few months, with dozens of great submissions. Since then, we’ve been thinking about the site and retooling the site experience. Now, we’ll have more missions with varying participation thresholds, so anyone can participate. We’re also going to bring you more news from around the art world. So, without further ado, Mission 11:

All you need for this mission are some friends or colleagues that you wish to make into a work of art. Next, you can do one of two things:

1. Find a goofy group picture on the internet. It can be anything, really, as long as it has several people or objects in it.
2. Pick a friend or acquaintance to fit each role in the picture.
3. Write a story about how the group got together or what they are doing in the picture.
4. Post your creation to Facebook and tag your friends! Send it to us as well, with instructions on what names to omit.

Of course, in jokes are to be expected, but you can also write stories that are funny to anyone.

Here are some examples:

[Submitted by Bartholomew]

“Here’s an old photo from the 2006 Frohlich Mode-Wettbewerb in Fucking, Austria. Nathan, with his dashing gelled blonde hair (many years before Jersey Shore, mind you) finished first. Flying J, with that piercing stare and beautifully-defined jaw line came in second. Even though John wore his father’s suit jacket (which was slightly large on him), he managed to come in third. The rest of us secretly schemed our revenge which manifested itself later that night at the hotel.”

[Submitted by Bengar]

“This is the Legendary Bruce Band, widely regarded as being the second best Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band with at least one clarinet player in Rhode Island in 2008. The competing band, though, was possibly a rumor based on a commotion made by several drunk 40 year old women blowing New-Years party horns outside a waterside bar in Warwick, RI.

Many believed the trumpeter was the best member of the group, musically, perhaps because he never blew into the correct end of the instrument. Others disagreed, saying the flutist was better on the strength of her never realizing she had actually been playing a pirate’s telescope throughout her stint in the group.”


Mission 9 Report: Zappa

Mission Report from RTS:

Sorry for the late post–I did indeed throw a Zappadan Party this year. Unfortunately, we got too consumed with drinking wine and drinking beer and whatnot to engage in any hardcore art.

However! After the party was over, and a suitable amount of time passed to let my head clear, I was inspired to draw this picture of Zappa in honor of Zappadan.