Mission 9 Report: Zappa Penny and Other Year-End Miracles

This year, like every year, we at Art Art Revolution celebrated Zappadan (see Mission 9: Zappadan!)

Check back next week for some Zappa inspired art. For now, we’ll just mention some of the Zappadan miracles and Art Art Revolution events that occured this Zappadan season, including finding this Zappa penny at a Maryland rest stop.

If you aren’t familiar with Zappadan miracles, they are similar to Christmas miracles, but they happen during the Zappadan season (Dec 4th-Dec 21st) rather than on Christmas.

Besides finding the Zappa penny, I count this season’s personal Zappadan miracles as finding my lost watch (somehow, Zappa always seems to bring me back lost items) as well as surviving my last statistics class of grad school and also surviving visits to various relatives. Also, I produced a compelling Zappa poster for Mission 9: Zappadan! which I will post next week.

Most significantly, I ran into a friend of mine from grad school while on a train from Portland to Seattle. Pretty significant, since neither of us live in either city. Not only were we on the same train, we were in the same train car.

Our good friend Jonathan Nakatamo writes in to tell us that to Celebrate Zappadan he performed Vox Balaenae twice, began work on an epic song cycle called “Life Science”, watched the Star Wars Holiday Special and lived to tell the tale, and received 30 free Nantucket Nectars. Parrotchute reports that she found her lost bracelet, thanks to Zappa’s help. Do you have a Zappadan miracle to share? If so, let us know!

In other AAR news, we received several reports of the “Cher the Road” sign featured in this public art feature. We also have reports that the Georgetown Career Center is still enthusiastically advertising for Kaplan Test Prep.

Ok, that’s all for now, revolutionaries. Check back next week when we’ll start posting more mission reports, and will also post a new mission.

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