Mission 10: Secret Santas

If you live in any country in which both consumerism and Christianity and are rampant, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the Secret Santa. Perhaps you’ve even participated in one of these awkward exchanges. In case you haven’t, the general idea is that everybody is asked to give a lame present to virtual stranger. In exchange, everybody can expect to receive an even lamer present from another virtual stranger. The problem with Secret Santas, however, is neither lame presents nor strangers. In fact, both giving and receiving lame presents can be great fun, especially when strangers are involved! Their principle downfall is that they simply aren’t secret enough.

Oh sure, you might not know precisely who has been assigned to give you a present, but that’s about all that’s left up to the imagination. It’s no secret that you’re going to receive a present of some kind or another. You even know exactly when and where you’re going to receive it! And, worst of all, you know why the virtual stranger is giving you a lame present. It’s the same reason you’re giving another virtual stranger a lame present–because that’s what you signed up for. How much more interesting would it be if these details were left up to the imagination? That’s what this mission aims to explore. Let’s transform the act of giving from obligation into art!

Give a present to a complete stranger. Your gift doesn’t need to be anything special, but we encourage you to think about the delivery of your present as a performance. You could be anonymous or you could be really really open about it. For instance, you could mail your gift to a random address. You could also flag down your target on the street and, on bended knee, deliver your present along with a heartfelt a capella rendition of We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

Keep in mind, however, that society teaches us from a very early age to be suspicious of anything we receive from strangers. In other words, the more convincing your presentation, the more likely the gift will be accepted. Nevertheless, you should be careful to reveal nothing about your motives in giving it. That would take all the fun out of it!

Happy holidays and, as always, viva la revolucion!

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