Mission 6 Report: THIS IS A PUMPKIN

[submitted by Parrotchute]

“So I’ve tried a couple of missions so far, and it turns out that doing art in public is fun, but also sort of scary for me! So for my pumpkin mission I decided to focus on the ‘public’ part of the ‘public art’. Here are some pumpkins:

I bought 15, but sadly only ended up with 9 after broken stems and rotten ones (yuk!). Here’s what they looked like after I indicated their status as pumpkins:

And of course, a little note about AAR on the back:

Today I have been handing out pumpkins to random people, including the operator of my morning subway, random people in the CVS parking lot, and a guy handing out flyers near my workplace (we traded.) It turns out, people like getting pumpkins – I got a smile and a thank you from everyone, and wished I had more to hand out. Part of why I did this was in the hope that people will join me in this project and actually pass on their pumpkins, as it turns out this is very fun to do.  And if anyone found their way to AAR because of a pumpkin, welcome!”

One response to “Mission 6 Report: THIS IS A PUMPKIN

  1. Aren’t those gourds?

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