Mission 6: Surprise Attack-O-Lantern

If you’ve ever lived in the suburbs, you’re probably familiar with the delightful breed of high-school moron who spends All Hallows Eve speeding through town in his moms’ minivan, stealing candy from kids half his age, smashing pumpkins, and leaving behind a trail of egg shells and toilet paper. But we revolutionaries can be more creative than that. Instead of destroying, let’s create!

This week’s mission is to design a jack-o-lantern inspired by a well-known figure, past or present, whom you admire or respect. Leave it lit on a strangers doorstep or, if you live somewhere doorsteps are hard to find, in a public park or plaza.

Given the time-sensitive nature of this mission, we’re posting it early to give you ample time to procure the necessary supplies.

Due Date: October 31

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