Public Art Feature: Phone Tag

I’ve hard a lot of excuses since starting this blog why people can’t do public art. They usually run, in order:
1. “I don’t have time”
2. “I don’t know how to draw”
3. “I’m not subtle enough to do public art”

However, Providence public artists worm and bread have proven that you don’t need anything more than creative thinking to pull off a great piece of art. Clearly, the time they took here was in thinking the project up–and that’s the most flexible time of all since you can do it on the bus, in class or waiting in line for coffee. Once that’s done, though, sometimes the installation can be simple:

Their explanation of the project is simple:

“We attached a modern cell phone to the surface of a now empty phone booth where the pay phone would have been. As well as being a visual pun, the piece is a commentary on the way modern technology affects infrastructure.”

worm and bread also have picked a prime target for public art–everyday, abandoned objects such as phone booths. So, here’s a challenge to everyone else–have an idea beyond the missions? Send it in to us. Do a little creative thinking and you too can be a public artist.

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