Mission 3: Honest Marketing


Is there a company or institution that has treated you unfairly or annoys you? Return the favor by advertising for them. The only caveat is that you must be totally honest in your advertisement.

Example: “King Laundry: Half our machines are broken. The others work OK.”

Feel free to get creative and use words and images as you see fit. After you’ve designed your ad, post it in a place where people will see it. Like any effective advertisement, it should specifically target potential clients, patrons, or consumers. For instance, if you’ve designed a brutally honest poster about King Laundry, you might choose to post it on a telephone pole in the laundromat parking lot. You could also post your ad digitally. For instance, if you don’t mind spending a few bucks, you could take out a facebook ad and use relevant keywords to make sure your message reaches the right people.

Send us documentation of your efforts and be sure to explain your message. Accounts of the source of your frustration (how the company wronged you) are appreciated.

Finally, enjoy the sweet taste of justice served!


2 responses to “Mission 3: Honest Marketing

  1. I really want to do this one! I don’t have very much inspiration (or time) at the moment, however…

    • We understand your predicament. Sadly, we’re pretty confident that some company or institution will wrong you sooner or later, and then you’ll find your inspiration. This isn’t homework, you aren’t being graded, and the deadline is somewhat arbitrary. We like to receive reports on time so that they can be posted alongside other reports for the same missions. However, whether you complete a mission before or after our due date, your mark on the world will be equally grand. No guarantees, but if if we receive a heartfelt account of your efforts after the due date we’ll probably post it and, at the very least, you’ll still have created some great art.

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