Mission 1 Report: Sketching a Professor

[Submitted by Radish, Providence, RI USA]

I saw one of my professors in a cafe and realized that he was quite an appropriate subject for Mission 1, perhaps even especially so due to the subject matter of his course (Abnormal Psychology). It’s a large class and he doesn’t know my name, but he certainly recognizes me, as I have occasionally asked him questions after class. I also do research in the same building where he works, and we sometimes run into each other in the hallways and acknowledge each other non-verbally (I am hesitant to stop and chat with a professor when I’m running up to lab with a brain in my hands).

Anyway, he was sitting in one of a pair of puffy armchairs that had a small table between them, and as the other armchair was vacant, I sat there and placed my cortado on the table. He looked up and nodded and smiled at me, then returned his attention to the newspaper he was reading. I fortunately had a little sketch pad with me, and quickly dashed off this drawing. You can’t tell from the drawing, but he was wearing the full suit he normally wears to class, and I liked the way it contrasted with the baseball cap he wore.

I am quite certain that he was aware of the fact that I sketched him, but I don’t think he minded. When he got up to leave, he smiled at me and wished me good luck on the upcoming exam.

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