Extended Deadline & Contest

We’re extending the deadline for Missions 1 & 2 another week, to give all you lazy artist-revolutionaries out there a chance to finish up your work. The final deadline is Monday the 11th.

Also, we’re announcing a small contest to make things more interesting. Perhaps you’ve noticed the difficulty ranking assigned to each mission. We’re consolidating those numbers into what we like to call the Revolution Security Advisory System. Here’s how it will work:

1-2 -> Low Risk (GREEN)
3-4 -> Guarded Risk (BLUE)
5-6 -> Elevated Risk (YELLOW)
7-8 -> High Risk (ORANGE)
9-10 -> Severe Risk (RED)

We’ve even included a chart for easy reference:

The contest will work as follows:

Points will be given to given to anybody who completes a mission. GREEN missions will earn you 1 point, BLUE will earn you 2 points, YELLOW 3 points, ORANGE 4 points, and RED 5 points. Simple enough, right? Now, the fun part. The first person to earn 100 points will awarded a fun mystery prize (come on, you know you’re itching to find out) and a personalized letter of congratulations which we will mail to an address of your choice at our own expense. Additionally, the first 3 people to tally up 100 points will earn everlasting fame through spotlight features on this website.

¡Viva la revolución!

One response to “Extended Deadline & Contest

  1. More missions!!


    ❤ from BK.

    oh, yay for the new rating system.

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