Mission 1 Report: Crimestoppers

Crimestoppers: Hello, this is L.A. Crime Stoppers. How may I help you?
Caller: I’d like to report a suspicious loitering person.
Crimestoppers: Ok. How long has the person been loitering?
Caller: They’ve been there for hours.
Crimestoppers: And is there anything in particular suspicious about their behavior?
Caller: Well, they’re dressed in all black, they have this shiny bling around their necks, and they seem to be waiting for something…I’m not sure, but they might have a gun.
Crimestoppers: OK. We’ll send a car around to check it out. What’s the address?
Caller: 347 Prospect.
Crimestoppers: OK, a car has been dispatched and should be there shortly Can you give me a physical description of the person?
Caller: Yeah. They’re about average height, average build…maybe a little on the muscular side. Regular, brown hair…he’s also very white.
Crimestoppers: Could you hold a minute?
Caller: Yeah.
Crimestoppers: OK, yes, we have a report of officers on the scene. Is the suspicious person still present?
Caller: Let me look. [Pause] Yeah, he is and…oh shit, now there are three of them!
Crimestoppers: Three of who?
Caller: Three suspicious white guys hanging around, all in black with the bling, just shooting the breeze.
Crimestoppers: [Pause] Are the men you are watching in uniforms?
Caller: Yeah, it kinda looks like uniforms.
Crimestoppers: Those aren’t criminals. Those are police.
Caller: Well, I knew he was a police, but this is L.A. we’re in, man.

[This entry is a work of fiction by RTS, inspired by the assignment ]


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